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Clutch Flywheel

LuK: Don¿¿¿t gamble ¿¿¿ stay with the original LuK DMF! The LuK DMF prevents damages solid flywheels may cause. The LUK Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) is individually fine-tuned for every type of car. The risks of using solid flywheels are numerous ¿¿¿ from increased wear of engine mounts through gearbox failure to damaged crankshafts.
Flywheel Inner Diameter6.063
Flywheel Diameter9.488
Number of Teeth135
Flywheel Cup Depth/Step Height-0.13
Flywheel Inner Diameter15.4
Flywheel Diameter24.1
Flywheel Cup Depth/Step Height-3.3
Part NumberDMF052
Line CodeLUK
TerminologyClutch Flywheel
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